Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sexiest topic on earth(not): lens adapters

no-brand, well machined

(too) simple design
Ok, so it's not the most sexy topic in the world: adapter rings. An adapter is an adapter is an adapter, right? A simple piece of metal designed to connect two otherwise incompatible connectors. Yes and no. On the one hand it's supposed to do just that: connect two alien bodies. (it's getting sexier already...) But on the other hand: even simple little devices can vary enormously. Since yesterday I discovered some adapters are far more superior than others, even though they cost a lot less than some of their counterparts.

thicker metal, better grip

it works, but not great
Comparing the C mount to micro 4/3 adapters from Camdiox and a no-name one from this seller, I noticed that the no-name is much better machined, uses thicker metal and, perhaps most importantly, the outer ring has a very nice 'grip-design' that lets you attach and detach your lens with ease. It's the difference between disposable design and craftmanship. At US $8 including shipping this ring is highly recommended. I give it 4 stars: **** (out of five- always leave room for improvement...)

grip and thickness difference


  1. "salesperson demonstrating a c-mount adapter" GENIUS!!

  2. You should see how she handles a 400mm telelens!

  3. God she is sexy!
    i'll take two.

    1. She´s not only sexy but this girl sells c-mount adapters by the bucket!

  4. Replies
    1. You guys really don't know, do you? She's Gemma Atkinson!