Thursday, April 7, 2011


I survived last night, a film/edit session for a large corporation. After a week of soulsearching with an external organization around 20 managers were given the assignment to make a film about leadership.
My task was to help them shape their ideas, give basic camera instructions and edit their footage. We started brainstorming at 9 am, they came back with footage at 4 pm and I had finished my film at midnight. My 3 colleagues were less fortunate and edited untill 5 am. (disaster: my roommate in the hotel had just finished rendering the film at 5 am, was about to go up to the hotelroom when he discovered a text error. It took another hour to re-render...)
The viewing and evaluation took place this morning. My team was extremely happy with the film- as were the others with their films, for that matter.So I'm back home, tired but content. Looking forward to a shave.

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