Saturday, April 9, 2011

A new & stable FCP on April 12?

About 6 months ago I bought a new Mac Pro, upgraded to the latest Final Cut Studio and was ready to start enjoying my lightening-fast editing monster. It's not been the ecstatic ride I was looking forward to, to say the least.

Final Cut Pro has crashed on me more in the last 6 months than in a few years before. What is it: the software, the hardware? Is it FCP or Snow Leopard, the combination? Is it my videocard, the memory?
A few years ago my G5 dual 2.0 was running fine but could just not agree with a certain upgrade of Tiger. Under Applecare the videocard was replaced but the machine simply would not work under that OS. I always thought there was either a problem with the hardware or with the software but it can also be that certain software will not work with certain hardware. AppleCare never figured it out and it took me 6 months.

The problem with software is that it must work with all types of hardware. And vice versa. So every new system must be built from the ground up, in a sense. The software must communicate with new chips, new videocards, audioboards, connectors, new types of memory. It is a miracle things work. And often  they don´t. And we hope for the next edition. Better, faster, more beautiful.

Word goes around that we're getting to see the new FCP on tuesday upcoming. I'd love a beautiful new interface, FCP using 100GB of memory. But what I need more than anything else is something reliable.

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