Tuesday, December 18, 2012

First documentary shot on GH2 on television

The first documentary shot on a GH2 is broadcast tonight in the Netherlands, on Nederland 2 at eleven pm. The excellent documentary slot Het Uur van de Wolf co-produced the film.
(I believe there are 2 scoops:  the first documentary shot on a GH2 in the Netherlands and the first filmer with the name Wolf making a film for Het Uur van de Wolf (The Hour of the Wolf).)

The film is actually not entirely shot on the Panasonic GH2 because shooting with a consumer camera proved extremely impractical in many instances, especially when doing camera, sound ├índ interviews. About one third of the film was shot on the Sony EX1 and 3. 

Het Ritme van Elly de Waard is a film about Holland's first serious pop journalist back in the 70's and 80's who later became a poet and stock broker. Today, at 72, she lives with her wife and their Jack Russel in a beautiful home in the woods on the coast of Noord-Holland. Outspoken and uncomprimising, Elly de Waard has encountered much resistance to her persona and work, but she has stayed true to her beliefs and work, whatever the cost.

I made this film with my 74-year old mother, Deborah Campert, and I wish there had been a Making of... it would have been engaging viewing material..!

A dvd of the film is part of the book Vogelwater, for which my niece Frederique Masselink-van Rijn made the photographs.

Update: a compressed version of the film can be seen online.


  1. maybe nice for who want to see the documentary: http://www.uitzendinggemist.nl/afleveringen/1313915

    It really looks nice and could'nt tell iff you shoot with the Sony EX1/3 or the GH2. but maybe it is because the qaulity of "uitzendinggemist" is not that good. over all i like the docu, thank you for that!



  2. Thanks for the like, FilmISH! Untill glassfiber becomes mainstream, online films will be heavily compressed. I wish everyone could see the original HD version.
    (and thanks to you I updated my entry with a proper link to the film)

    Take care, Jeroen