Friday, January 13, 2012

Mailbox: Variable ND filter (77mm LCW Mark II)

LCW Vari ND Filter, shipped with lenscap

Since my Nature Fader ND filter is probably lying on some Chinese Marketplace after it got 'lost in the mail' somewhere between November and now, I had to order another variable ND for an upcoming project.
I decided to go with 'reliable Dutch postal services' (even though somebody screwed up here in the Netherlands as well, sending my package back to China without leaving notice...) and ordered the LCW Vari ND Mark II. I have a 52mm version and love that one so now I ordered the 77mm version for my bigger lenses.
Why didn't I go with the LCW right away as opposed to the Nature brand? Well, the Nature Fader ND is almost half the price, €53 for the Nature Fader ND against €97,50 for the LCW Vari ND. And I wanted to give the cheaper brand a try, after some decent experiences from other users. Maybe Chinese Postal Service is really slow and I'll still get it, somewhere this year...

Buy for the largest lens you have- and then buy stepup rings for the other lenses

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