Friday, September 11, 2015

The Sony FS5: a huggable little powerhouse, pics from IBC!

Saw the Sony PXW-FS5 this morning at IBC. Really quite charmed by this little camera. I've been eyeballing the FS7 but this one's more in my budget- and a lot more stealth!

It handled well in as far as I was able to handle it while attached to a metal and electronic cable (the camera, that is...). Eyepiece was ok and the viewfinder nice- I'm sure someone will develop an eyepiece for the LCD screen which will give you an even better and bigger viewfinder.

Nice feature is the ability to magnify the image for focus check during recording and actually move arouind the magnified screen. Recording on SD cards! Built in ND-filters!

Here are some gearhead snacks:

And Sony said we didn't need a rig!

This camera was not meant to be rigged, at least not like this...

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