Friday, June 26, 2015

The Eiffel tower CANNOT be filmed without a permit!

I was in Paris, France a week ago and made some shots of the Eiffel tower, along with 100.000 other tourists. I made one panorama shot on a particularly nice evening around sunset, looking over the city from a tall building. Violet and orange light at the horizon. The city lit up with little lights...

I submitted this shot to Shutterstock but it was rejected because I didn't mark it as ' editorial'. Since when is a wide panorama shot of a city 'editorial'? I decided to do some research and it turns out that the Eiffel tower at night is off limits because 'the lighting of the Eiffel tower' is copyright protected?! So a shot of the tower in the daytime is no problem but sharing a video or picture taken at night without permission could get you sued- be warned!

This is the clip I'm talking about: don't tell anyone about it...
I was able to sneak this shot in at Pond5 where you can buy it royalty free, or you can contact me for great deals and more Paris footage.

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