Saturday, September 28, 2013

The incredible $79,- trolley camerabag!

My new bag in full glory

I'm a sucker for camerabags. And lately I've been looking for a camerabag on wheels (I admit I'm not the man I used to be...). A nice trolley camerabag  will run you around $400,- and I can't get myself to spend that kind of money. I'd rather ruin my back with my current 'Best Boy' camerabag for my Sony PMW-EX3. (nice bag, by the way, but no wheels...)...

For my Canon 5D Mark 3 I use my trusted LowePro backpack for the complete works including lenses and laptop. Or a Crumpler for fast shooting.
Now I've just returned from the States to film a sentimental journey and walked into Home Depot to buy a tool belt (tell you about my plans with the belt in a later post...) and as I walked toward the tool belt section, I passed a display of very nice red and black bags that looked like they could be (used as) camera bags. The bags are branded 'Husky'(my dog is part husky!), and have wheels! There were 3 sizes and although I wanted all of them (one for my DSLR, one for my EX3 and one for My Next Big Camera) I restrained myself and decided on the middle size only. I immediately checked on my phone about the dimensions (18"x 9" x 17") and it's even fit for carry on a plane! This bag has lots of pockets, is rock solid (constructed of 600 Denier SpunTuff Heavy-Duty Water-Resistant Material) and after I put some foam on the bottom, my EX3 fits like a baby in a crib. I unthreaded one of the pockets inside to accomodate a large battery but otherwise this bag is just about perfect straight out of the box. 

At $79,- this is one incredible deal and definitely the handiest, best looking camerabag I've owned. The model of this bag is Husky 85568-1N10 and I've even seen it advertised at $69,99

capable of holding 100 lbs inside + 100 lbs on top!

reinforced sides, added foam on bottom for dampening

Easily holds a large camera like the Sony PMW-EX3 + accessories

Husky bag with matching dog

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